Shit Gang Femdom Extreme

[ MFX 059 ] The saga begins here !!!!! The 3 girl gang make a big mess with the poor Karla, she was humilate and they shit and vomit in her mouth! Karla gets her limit. The Rulers show her how to eat a big Kaviar! Do not miss this ugly action!

Shit Gang Video

Karen and Barbara are preparing a great party for their friends. The reason for this party will be the filming for the most recent release of MFX – Shit Gang. In the continuation of the greatest and most sold series of all times, the girls are very excited with all that preparation and almost can?t stand all the intensity! Twelve beautiful women participate in this series in one of the largest production of MFX Video. Everything will be sprinkled with cake and champagne and 90 minutes of the best Lesbian/Scat. The actresses all participate in this adventure intensely. In this movie, we find a large diversity of Kaviars: big, small, of all shapes and textures, etc.. A combination of pure adrenaline also includes the deepest kisses with their mouths filled with the purest Kaviar, a lot piss, spit, and much more? Three cameras very well positioned captured all details,angles, and positions? On the end, the girls refresh themselves with a lot of water during a cool dip in the pool? It is really one of the best productions of MFX Video. All the girls were actively participating with their Kaviars. For this reason, the movie has become so exciting due to the possibility of witnessing the most different types of scat that all our Mistresses can provide. It?s Extraordinary! Check it out!