Scat Princess Mia

The Best!Princess Mia
1.Princess Mia decided to play with her “toilet” again. She tightly tied him to the board and attached dildo-face to his forehead. First, she spat in the face of this dirty pig, laughed at him, scoffed. Then she smeared her sweet hole and sat down on the dildo, sat on his face, laughed and groaned, while slapping on the chest of the sleazeball. Then she wanted to take a dump. She stood over the face of her toilet and made his mouth full, laughed at the loser, who couldn’t not even stir and took everything in his mouth. Princess Mia wanted to smear her shit on the dirty face of a worm. She sat down on his stomach, spat and began to smear her shit on the face of this toilet slave. This pig wanted to puke, but Mia covered his mouth, laughed and spat on his face. 2.The miserable slave has burnt up his dear Lady a lot. She’ll have to punish this naughty jerk. She orders him to lie on the floor, then began to sit on his face and strangle him. Mia turned on a song and danced on the face of a loser, laughed, played on his face, sat down and got kicks from the fact that the worm couldn’t not do anything and only obediently lay with the pulled out tongue. Mia rubbedher holes against the tongue of a slave, groaned and enjoyed his torment. Then she decided to punish him even more harshly. She shitted right into the face of a pig, laughed and laughed at how helpless and insignificant this slave was. He couldn’t not do anything, but just to lie and gasp … Then she capturedhim on video, poked his dirty face into a puddle of urine and shit and laughed at him, she orders him to lick all the tasty things that she has cooked for this pig


SCAT Facesitting after Face Shitting

SCAT Facesitting after Face Shitting
You want to kiss not only my feet but also that I sit on your face? No problem. But before, I shit in your face! How do you like that? A huge pile of shit. In the middle of your face. Pushes through my weight into your mouth and Into your nose. You can not breathe anymore. Fill the rest with my feet deep in your throat! The shit on my ass you must lick clean! We do not want to waste any toilet paper…


10 GIRLS 137 minute Scat Eating Session HUMAN TOILET EXTREME

Solid Rock Combination, Please stop, Aahh, Heelp
The Movie in all Parts. Our Slave visited us to be used again as Toilet. Starting with eliminate Type Game and then we put his Head in Plaster, tied him up and he took a cruel beating from our most sadistic Girls. Then The Shit piled up on his Face and after 10 Girls pooped, the feeding starts. This is our highest complimented Movie yet and maybe even our best, but this remains in the Eye of the Beholder. English Subtitles and in HD

Princess Tina First Time shiting on slave – Toilet Training

Princess Tina First Time shiting on slave
You will love this natural girl. She is a litlle shy but really noughty at the same time, and as we asked her if she would shit in somebodeys mouth, the answer was: why no? After she did she went to Nikki and explainn her what she did.

Eating her Dump for Dinner

Eating Meagans dump for dinner 1080p HD
This is 21 year old Meagans first time using a human toilet. She’s a tall red head with a perfect bubble butt who fed the toilet a huge shit load which he gobbled down like a true toilet should. As an added bonus we put the shit eating action in slow motion so you could hear all the sounds and see the shit really bury his face. Will be available in 720p HD, WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats.

Scat Mistress

First EXTREME scat clip, where I EXPRESSLY show me defecating into my slave’s mouth, while I’m sitting on my plexiglass toilet. The final humiliation consists in winding my slave’s face with cellophane, whit my shit in his mouth and on his face, put him in his cage and leaving him until I’m in the mood of it.

Lick my Shit…. Toilet Slavery

Mega-toilet Humiliation! Slave Joschi must serve as a mount next to his mistress bizarre Lady Jessica for the toilet broom. He must when she always goes on the toilet lie besides that and with his taste nice hold back to the dirty loo brooms and after she has cleaned the toilet with that resume this into his mouth, too. Joschi is so also this time, firm displayed with the toilet broom in the mouth besides that and Lady Jessica himself shits. But, this time, still it has considered another nastiness for its toilet slave. It gets its ass over on itself with the toilet paper and stuffs it it then with the shitting remains on this into the mouth. On order of the sadistic Dirty-Mistress Joschi then must lick off and eat the buggered loo paper. It finally still rubs the further shitting remains directly with the paper on its body.

Shit Gang Femdom Extreme

[ MFX 059 ] The saga begins here !!!!! The 3 girl gang make a big mess with the poor Karla, she was humilate and they shit and vomit in her mouth! Karla gets her limit. The Rulers show her how to eat a big Kaviar! Do not miss this ugly action!

Shit Gang Video

Karen and Barbara are preparing a great party for their friends. The reason for this party will be the filming for the most recent release of MFX – Shit Gang. In the continuation of the greatest and most sold series of all times, the girls are very excited with all that preparation and almost can?t stand all the intensity! Twelve beautiful women participate in this series in one of the largest production of MFX Video. Everything will be sprinkled with cake and champagne and 90 minutes of the best Lesbian/Scat. The actresses all participate in this adventure intensely. In this movie, we find a large diversity of Kaviars: big, small, of all shapes and textures, etc.. A combination of pure adrenaline also includes the deepest kisses with their mouths filled with the purest Kaviar, a lot piss, spit, and much more? Three cameras very well positioned captured all details,angles, and positions? On the end, the girls refresh themselves with a lot of water during a cool dip in the pool? It is really one of the best productions of MFX Video. All the girls were actively participating with their Kaviars. For this reason, the movie has become so exciting due to the possibility of witnessing the most different types of scat that all our Mistresses can provide. It?s Extraordinary! Check it out!